Shruti Rao, MS

Research Associate and Services Manager

Ms. Shruti Rao is a Research Associate and Services Manager at ICBI. Her primary research responsibilities include biocuration of clinical notes and public literature to extract relevant information on biomarkers, diseases, drugs and biomarker alterations that influence disease progression and therapeutic outcomes as well as systems biology and pathway analysis of high throughput OMICS data. She is skilled in using software such as Pathway Studio, Ingenuity and Cytoscape. In addition, Shruti also manages and provides support for various ICBI bioinformatics and clinical informatics services including REDCap and Cohort Discovery services

Shruti was previously a biocurator on proteomics projects and also has experience working in a molecular biology wet lab for the Biochemistry Department at Georgetown University. She has a Master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology from The George Washington University.

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