Anas Belouali, MEng, MS

Lead data scientist


Anas Belouali is an experienced Lead Data Scientist with an extensive background in software and data engineering and a demonstrated history of leading and implementing data science and machine learning projects in healthcare. As research faculty at ICBI at Georgetown University Medical Center, Anas leads research efforts in health data science, clinical informatics, and health IT. He designs and builds clinical research data warehouses and develops predictive models for disease risks, outcomes, and adverse events using big data analytics and integrating disparate data sources, including EHR, multi-omics data, behavioral, and imaging data. He also coordinates data release from several medical database warehouses/systems to principal investigators for cohort discovery.

Anas is the lead developer for the GWCAM study at Veterans Affairs (VA), a mobile platform developed to enable research on the effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine on veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Anas has also been critical to the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) program, implementing a solid and robust information technology foundation and providing many research and clinical trial management tools and capabilities.

In addition to his engineering and technical duties, he has established and led new data science initiatives that are translating into large grant proposals and collaborative efforts across and outside campus. For instance, he has been awarded FDA’s CERSI scholars award to mine EHR data and investigate Metformin use on incidence of lung cancer. He is also developing machine learning models on EHR data to predict toxicities in immuno-oncology patients. For the VA study, he analyzed text and voice features of interviews with veterans using NLP and machine learning to detect suicide ideation. For the Curtis National Hand Center, he used machine learning to predict Opioid Use Disorder in hand surgery patients. His work has led to publications and proceedings at national level conferences such as AMIA, ASCO, and Technology in Psychiatry Summit.

Prior to joining ICBI, Anas gained consulting experience at several companies and then served as a Systems Analyst for the Imaging Science and Information Systems (ISIS) Center, where he developed and implemented several telemedicine and health IT related systems.

Anas earned a Master’s in Systems Medicine from Georgetown University and a Master’s in Engineering in Computer Science from Mohammedia Engineering School, Morocco. In his spare time he likes to play chess and travel.

View a list of his publications on Google Scholar.