Cutting-edge Research in Biomedical Informatics

The Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics (ICBI) at GUMC is an academic hub for cutting-edge research in biomedical informatics that will enhance basic and translational research and educate the next generation of scientists and physicians on integrating informatics into biomedical research and clinical practice.

Enabling Systems Medicine

The new and emerging field of Systems Medicine approaches biomedical problems in the clinical setting, leverages complex computational tools and high dimensional data, and offers the potential for individualized diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. ICBI members collaborate with experts in the fields of Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Neonatology and other clinical specialties to develop informatics tools and resources in support of Systems Medicine.

Informatics Knowledge Sharing

ICBI responds to a growing need to ensure that the clinicians, researchers, and students have ready access to education and training opportunities in biomedical informatics through think tanks, symposia, and degree programs.

Multi-disciplinary Teams At Work

Members bring a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and research activities to address key challenges in Systems Medicine. These unique areas of interest allow for the exchange of ideas and discovery, creating a dynamic research environment at ICBI.


Collaborate with Us


We welcome you to collaborate with us in the testing and development of a new generation of data management, mining, and analysis tools to help with the “Big Data” challenge facing the genomic scientists today.

Enormous volumes of molecular and clinical data are continually being generated by laboratories across the world and there is a tremendous need for new databases that can store large volumes of disparate data types and provide tools to help scientists make sense of this data through novel, integrative analysis in a single, unified portal.  Biomedical informatics is helping to address these challenges toward  the goal of alleviating human suffering.

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Scientist Spotlight

Difei Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wang joined ICBI in June 2012. His primary research areas of interest include computer aided drug design, pharmacogenomics, next generation sequencing, nucleosome positioning, and necleosome and chromatin structures. 

Before joining ICBI, Dr. Wang worked on DNA, nucleosome and chromatin structures at the Laboratory of Cell Biology, National Cancer Institutes of Health for 6 years. He did his postdoctoral work at Walther Cancer Center, University of Notre Dame in the area of histone deacetylase inhibitor design. 

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