Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource

The Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource (BISR) at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) and Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) provides data analytics tools and resources for post-genomic biomedical research at scale. It covers all aspects of data processing and analysis for genomics, translational and clinical research. It also offers access to scalable, secure, and standardized data and IT infrastructure that enable intra- and inter-institutional national research networks for clinical/translational research and collaboration. The ISR has two co-directors: Yuriy Gusev who leads the Bioinformatics resources; and Adil Alaoui who leads the Health Informatics resources. 

The goals of the Health Informatics arm of the BISR are 3 fold:

  • To provide appropriate access to data to investigators,  and data intensive computing and storage capabilities; 
  • To provide secure and scalable infrastructure for research and collaboration; 
  • To develop a scalable, secure and standardized data and IT infrastructure to enable intra and inter-institutional research networks for research.

Some examples of supported registries include: Immuno-Oncology Registry; The Georgetown Pediatric Cancer Outcomes Registry Database (PCORD); Surface plasmon resonance Database (SPRD) through the Biacore project; Georgetown Medstar Research Registry (GMR2),  GU Virtual Research Environment (VRE) and more. 

As part of the SMORES collaboration, our team  facilitated the collaboration across institutions to capture, multi-center, projects, grants, members and other data. The SMORES system offers live real time tables to query, filter, analyze and visualize data, export summary and granular data for use in meetings, and agency and other reporting

Through the Bioinformatics arm of the BISR, we conduct and manage collaborative research projects with Lombardi Cancer Center faculty, Hackensack Cancer Center  and GU Medical Center principal investigators. We also provide  training for PIs, lab members, postdocs and grad students for:

  • Big Data management for biomedical research – cloud based sequencing data processing
  • Systems biology resources and tools;
  • BioInformatics for Immuno-Oncology
  • G-DOC platform usage
  • TCGA resources, data access and analysis: GDC, UCSC Xena, cBio Portal etc

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The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and
Translational Science (GHUCCTS) is a collaborative research center
that includes two major universities and three affiliated hospital systems.
GHUCCTS institutions include the Georgetown University Medical
Center, Howard University, MedStar Health and the Washington DC
Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). ICBI  leads the Informatics
core for GHUCCTS and provides critical services and support to all
GHUCCTS Core functions, enabling access to data, software tools and
applications used for research, collaboration and outreach across the
entire spectrum of GHUCCTS’ activities. ICBI superstars that are
involved in this effort include Adil Alaoui, Drs. Yuriy
Gusev and Matthew McCoy. Read more here: