This year’s 8th Annual Health Informatics and Data Science Symposium at Georgetown University offered a rich and varied program with spotlight talks by Dr. Laura Esserman of UCSF and Dr. Eric Perakslis of Duke University and Harvard Medical School who presented unique and innovative perspectives in leading clinical research at academic and commercial settings. Thematic panels – a major highlight of our symposium – included – 1. “Omics” data-driven health 2. Liberating health data for precision research 3. Practicing responsible and ethical AI to advance health and 4. Advancing single cell analysis for discovery. This year, we ran pre-symposium, hands-on workshops on Immuno-oncology informatics, data visualization in R, and virtual research environment using the Google Cloud Platform. A new data science challenge in collaboration with the PrecisionFDA – a community platform for regulatory science exploration – was announced at the Symposium. The challenge involves applying predictive modeling methods to identify novel biomarkers for treatment of brain tumors, more information on the challenge is available at https://precision.fda.gov/challenges/8 (new window)

We thank our speakers, panel chairs, sponsors and over 375 registered participants who made this event another successful one. We look forward to seeing you next year. 

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Presentations from the 2019 Symposium


Spotlight Talk


Laura Esserman, MD, MBA , University of California, San Francisco

Title: A case study for precision medicine: Inspiring and
enabling a fundamental shift in medical practice.


Eric Perakslis, Ph.D., Rubenstein Fellow at Duke University

Title: Data is not the new oil but may be the new blood

Session 1: “Omics” Data-Driven Health


Chair : Aniket Deshpande . DNAnexus


Malachi Griffith, Ph.D. McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington


Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine


Bruce Aronow, Ph.D. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research

Session 2: Liberating Health Data for Precision Research


Chair: Rajni Samavedam, MPH. Booz Allen Hamilton


Susan Gregurick, PhD. NIH’s National Institute of General Medical
Sciences (NIGMS).


John Wilbanks. Sage Bionetworks


Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH. Johns Hopkins University

Session 3: Practicing Responsible and Ethical AI to Advance Health


Chair: Alexandra Givens, JD. Institute for Technology Law & Policy at
Georgetown Law


Suchi Saria, PhD. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Maggie Little, BPhil, PhD. Kennedy Institute of Ethics and Georgetown.


Aviram Giladi, MD, MS. Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins

Session 4: Advancing Single Cell Analysis for Discovery


Chair: Simina Boca, Ph.D. Georgetown University Medical Center and
Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics (ICBI)


Elana Fertig, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University,


Mark R. Cookson, Ph.D. NIH

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