Clinical Omics Data Integration

The development of research infrastructure is the foundation of our program and underlies the mission of integrating and making sense of enormous volumes of data.  Our long-term goal is to develop methodologies to help provide clinical decision support, through the integration of available “omics” and patient data.  Toward this goal we have developed G-CODE – the Georgetown Clinical & Omics Development Engine – to help empower the next generation of translational research. The power of the G-CODE concept lies in the integration of multi-omics data with clinical outcome data and supported within a powerful, but easy to use environment accessible to clinicians trying to decide the best treatment options, as well as to researchers looking for trends among large datasets.

We are not only interested in the development of research platforms, but also in the analysis of large datasets for novel information.  We use a variety of open source tools and infrastructure in addition to our own tools and algorithms.  Our research team is asking key biological and medical research questions that can be addressed through data mining, analysis, and the integration of a wide array of disparate datasets primarily obtained through public studies, although we collaborate on private studies as well.