Senior Informatics members have been involved in the following teaching initiatives: 

  1. Advisory Committee for MS/MD joint degree program in Systems Medicine as part of the GU-Howard CTSA program
  2. Course Lectures
    • Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (BCHD-591)
    • Introduction to Bioinformatics (BCHB-521)
    • Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (BCHB-580)
    • Resources for Cancer Research (TBIO546)
    • Cancer Genetics (TBIO525)
    • Undergraduate and graduate Bioinformatics courses (2) at George Washington University
  3. Course Co-Director, Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (BCHD-591)
    • Planning and design of course curriculum for a new course focused on Biomedical informatics for Master’s program