In Silico Cancer Research

The In Silico Research Centers of Excellence Program is the flagship effort of former caBIG® program aimed at supporting investigator-initiated research using data-mining and other in silico methods into the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Georgetown is one of a consortium of Centers with the mission of broadening the usage of in silico research and data-mining methodologies across the caBIG® and general cancer research communities.

The Georgetown ISRCE supports research using a variety of informatics technologies to mine primarily existing data in an effort to gain fundamentally new insights into common cancer types, particularly breast and gastrointestinal cancers (colorectal and pancreatic) with the goal of delivering improvements in survival and therapeutic outcomes. We have developed prototypes of new data analysis and mining workflows and algorithms capable of working with disparate data resources in the areas of gene expression, copy number, pathway networks, miRNA, and metabolomics data, and we have started to analyze next generation sequencing (NGS) data including RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, whole genome, exome, and others. To enhance these strengths, we added significant external expertise, through collaborations with Virginia Tech in advanced bioinformatics modeling and analytics development.

The platform that we have developed to disseminate the tools, algorithms, and workflows developed in the ISRCE, as well as clinical data, is the Georgetown Database of Cancer (G-DOC). This web tool was designed to provide advanced bioinformatics capabilities and patient molecular data to clinicians and researchers with non-informatics backgrounds to enable the integration of discovery science with clinical research. G-DOC houses a large array of multi-omics data from the ISRCE project in addition to other public and consortia datasets, a collection which is expected to grow considerably as more public users participate and request inclusion of their data. 


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