ICBI Consultation, Support, and Services

Biomedical Informatics

Do you need help analyzing your next gen sequencing data?  Or doing a biological network analysis to see what pathways may be affected by the differentially expressed genes from your microarray experiment?  Would visualizing the structural impact of SNPs on your genes of interest help you generate hypotheses about disease mechanisms or drug targets?  Do you have clinical  data collection or management needs?  ICBI staff can provide free consultation on your projects – from advice on choosing what analyses could be most insightful for your studies, organizing your clinical datasets, and running your data through our bioinformatics pipelines to help you answer your research questions.

What we do:  ICBI is a research group of data scientists within Georgetown University Medical Center that provides biomedical informatics consultation by appointment to Georgetown faculty and staff in the following areas: 

  • Next generation sequencing analysis
  • Molecular profiling analysis
  • BIG DATA analytics
  • Data integration
  • Systems biology analysis / Network modeling and Inference
  • Computational chemistry / Molecular modeling
  • Bioinformatics software development
  • Training in bioinformatics software
  • Clinical data management
  • Cohort discovery
  • REDCap
  • G-DOC
  • Other customer data needs

When: Contact icbi@georgetown.edu or fill out a request form below.

Request form:  We strongly encourage you to fill out a CONSULTATION REQUEST FORM so we know what to expect and can match your initial visit with a staff member who has expertise in your areas of interest.   

What are some real-life examples?  Please click here to read a few select examples of what we can do for you.

The first two hours of consulting are free.  For more extensive consultation we offer two modes of service:  1) an academic research collaboration where we can we can intellectually contribute and potentially co-author a publication resulting from the work, or 2) Fee-for-service arrangement, which is an hourly flat-rate fee. See the ICBI Services Policy for further details.