2015 Biomedical Informatics Symposium at Georgetown October 16, 2015

The 4th annual Biomedical Informatics symposium at Georgetown was a huge success with over 350 participants and a poster session that included over 42 selected scientific projects from Georgetown, affiliated local universities, industry sponsors, and other collaborators. We were extremely fortunate to have so many leaders in this field with us to share their work in important areas of Precision Medicine, Big Data in Biomedicine, and Emerging Technologies for Health Data Analytics, and Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinic, and related current topics. New this year, a funders panel discussed future opportunities with Big data research and implementation from NCI, NHGRI, AHRQ and the FDA. For a summary of talks and panel discussions, see Subha's blog

The event was graciously supported by many industry partners listed below:

In addition we had institutional support from our Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS), and the Georgetown Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI).

The program booklet with talk titles as well as poster abstracts can be found here. For more information about the day please read the #GUInformatics tweets and a new blog post by Subha Madhavan, Chair, Symposium Program Committee.




Presentations from the 2015 symposium 

** Some of the presentations are password protected due to sensitive content. An access password will be circulated via email to registrants. The list of the talks is presented below:

Keynote Speaker

Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD – Harvard University

We were delighted to welcome Professor Isaac Kohane as the Keynote Speaker for the 2015 ICBI Symposium. He is the inaugural Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School. He develops and applies computational techniques to address disease at multiple scales and to drive discovery research in disease and pharmacovigilance.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: “The Implicit Coalition for Anti-Innovation in Health IT”


Plenary Session 1: Precision Medicine – Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinic


Chair: Marc Williams, MD – Geisinger

“GenomeFIRSTTM a new paradigm for returning genomic results”




Sally John, PhD – Biogen

“Genotype to phenotype, biomarker and beyond….The role of human genetics in early drug discovery” **




Rick Dewey, PhD – Regeneron

“Natural Human Gene Knockouts in the Discovery of New Drug Targets” **




Giuseppe Giaccone, MD, PhD – Georgetown University

“Next Generation Sequencing to Study Rare Cancers: Thymic Epithelial Tumors” **



Special Session: Molecular algorithms for targeted therapies in Pancreatic cancers


Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD – Georgetown University

"Molecularly Targeted Therapyfor Pancreatic Cancer" **


Plenary Session 2:  Emerging Technologies for Health Data Analytics     


Chair: Nigam Shah, PhD – Stanford University

“Generating practice-based evidence from the EMR”




Michael Hogarth, MD – University of California, Davis

“Current Challenges in the Implementation of Health Analytics" **




Ryan Callahan, PhD – COTA

“Alternative Payment Models in Oncology: data, insights, and opportunities”




Kevin Maloy, MD - MedStar Health

"Quantified Self" 




Ben Shneiderman, PhD - University of Maryland

"Exploring Patient Histories using Event Analytics:
Understanding Treatment & Outcome Pattern"


Plenary Session 3: Funding Priorities and Opportunities for Big Data and Health IT Research

Tony Kerlavage, PhD

National Cancer Institute

Ed Lomotan, PhD


Jennie Larkin, PhD


Shaila Shaheed, MS



Sponsor Presentations

Michael Kamerick - TriNetX

“TriNetX: A Public/Private Network for Accelerating Clinical Trials”


David Spetzler, MS, MBA, PhD – Caris Life Sciences

“Advances in Precision Medicine”



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