Invited Talks


“A direct approach to estimating false discovery rates conditional on covariates.” Joint Statistical Meetings on July 31, 2017. Baltimore, MD.  (Simina Boca)

Bob Beckman was invited to the European Medical Association (EMA) headquarters in London to give a talk, entitled “Design Concept for a Confirmatory Basket Trial,

AMIA 2017 Joint Summits on Translational Science (San Francisco)

Panel speaker – Making Precision Oncology Data More Usable for Research and Care, (Subha Madhavan)

Panel speaker – Information Technology Powering Cancer Research for Discovery and Novel Hypothesis Generation, (Subha  Madhavan)

Applying Protein Functional Annotation to Clinical Interpretation of Genomic Variants, (Peter McGarvey).

A Human Factors Approach to Making Complex Cancer Precision Medicine Data Clinically Actionable, (Vishakha Sharma)
10th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies, 2017. Hoboken, New Jersey
An Eye-tracking Study to Enhance Usability of Big Data in Cancer Precision Medicine, (Vishakha Sharma)
GenMed 2017 Conference. Baltimore, Maryland.
The Curation Efforts and Knowledge Integration from the Somatic Working Group of the Clinical Genome Resource ClinGen (Subha Madhavan)


Biomedical Informatics Driving Clinical & Translational Team Science, Joint Team Science Symposium, D.C, April 12, 2016. (Subha Madhavan)

Trastuzumab Treatment and Cardiotoxicity in Breast Cancer Patients. AMIA Joint Summits 2016. March 2016. (Simina Boca)

Quantifying the Impact of Precision Medicine, Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers Advisory Board, March 3, 2016. (Robert Beckman)

Dynamic Precision Medicine Strategies for Cancer May Improve Patient Outcomes, Molecular and Computational Biology Department, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2016. (Robert Beckman)

Clinical and Statistical Considerations in Design of Basket Trials. Drug Information Association (DIA) Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Lecture Series, online lecture, February, 2016. (Robert Beckman)


In-class Immersion of “Big Data” Technologies to Improve Students’ Understanding of Genomic Instability and Systems Biology– 2nd Annual Colloquium for GUMC educators in the health professions – June 2015 (Ronit Yarden, Jan LaRocque, and Yuriy Gusev)

Big Data in Biomarker Discovery and Drug Development – Biomarkers and Diagnostics World Congress – Philadelphia, PA – May 5-7, 2015 (Subha Madhavan) 

Clinical Validation of a Predictive Biomarker of Clinical Benefit from Patritumab in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (lecture) – 11th annual PEGS Boston Protein Engineering Summit – Boston, Massachusetts – May 2015 (Bob Beckman) 

Data Science Platforms for Molecularly Targeted Therapy and Personalized Medicine Research –  Big Data for Personalized Medicine and Biomarker Discovery – Philadelphia, PA – May 2015 (Subha Madhavan)

Panel Session: From Data to “Ta-Da!” – How to Extract “Smart Data” from Healthcare’s Big Data – 2nd Annual Wharton Innovation Summit – Washington, DC – April 2015 (Adil Alaoui)

Metabolic Biomarkers in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – BioIT World Conference – Boston, MA – April 2015 (Simina Boca)

Genetics of Vaccine Safety Signal Detection: Supporting FDA’s Data Mission Through Informatics – FDA 2015 ORSI Science Symposium – Silver Spring, MD – April 2015 (Peter McGarvey) 

Enabling Precision Medicine at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center – Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Retreat – Washington, DC – April 2015 (Subha Madhavan)

Biocuration of chemo predictive markers and clinical outcomes from public data to determine evidence of benefit from cancer therapies- American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2015 Joint Summit – San Francisco, CA – March 2015 (Shruti Rao)

Literature mining, curation and standardization to develop evidence for biomarkers that predict response to cancer therapy – AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science – San Francisco, CA – March 2015 (Shruti Rao)

Evolution of Cancer: New Ways of Thinking About an Old Scourge (panel discussion with Jean-Pierre Bizzari, Kapil Dhingra, and Larry Norton) – Cancer Progress Conference by Defined Health – New York, New York – March 2015 (Bob Beckman) 

Nonstandard Personalized Medicine Strategies May Lead to Improved Patient Outcomes (lecture) – Vanderbilt University School of Medicine – Nashville, Tennessee – March 2015 (Bob Beckman) 

Bayesian and Adaptive Design Approaches in Special Populations (panel discussion) – Drug Information Association/International Association for Bayesian Analysis 2015 Joint Adaptive Design and Bayesian Statistics Conference: Drivers of Efficiency in Modern Medical Product Development – Washington, DC – February 11-12, 2015 (Bob Beckman) 

Data Science Platforms for Molecularly Targeted Therapy and Precision Medicine Research – University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA – February 2015 (Subha Madhavan)

Evidence framework for cancer biomarker curation for precision medicine research – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University – Boston, MA  – January 2015 (Subha Madhavan)


Panel Talk: This One’s for You: Georgetown at the Forefront of the Patient-Centered Health Care Revolution –  Miami FL – February 2014 (Subha Madhavan)

G-DOC Globus Genomics – NGS Data Congress Conference – London, UK – March 2014 (Subha Madhavan)

An integrated framework for the pharmacogenomic characterization of oncological drug response to enable precision medicine.  2014 AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Joint Summits on Translational Science – San Francisco – April 2014 (Krithika Bhuvaneshwar)

Panel Moderator: Healthcare Data Analytics as Innovation Platform – WHARTON DC Innovation Summit – Washington, DC – April 2014 (Adil Alaoui)

Genome-wide multi-omics cancer informatics analysis on the cloud. BioIT World – April 2014 – Boston, MA (Subha Madhavan)

Globus Genomics: Enabling high-throughput cloud-based analysis and management of NGS data for Translational Genomics research at Georgetown – GlobusWorld 2014, Argonne National Laboratories – Chicago, IL – April 2014 (Yuriy Gusev)

Data Science Platforms: Integral to Help Drive Molecularly Targeted Therapy Development and Personalized Medicine Research – University of Maryland Baltimore Campus Seminar Series – October 2014 (Subha Madhavan)

Data Science Platforms are Integral to Help Drive Molecularly Targeted Therapy Development and Personalized Medicine Research – IEEE Conference: Big Data in Bioinformatics and Healthcare Informatics – Washington, DC – October 2014 (Subha Madhavan)

Session Chair: Personalized Cancer Therapies at Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC) Precision Medicine in Oncology Symposium  – San Francisco, CA – November 2014 (Subha Madhavan)


Informatics to support translational Medicine; FDA, Silver Spring, MD, February 2013

Chair: Biomarkers & Cancer Informatics Session- Cancer Center Informatics Directors Conference , Dallas, TX, February 2013

G-DOC presentation and demo session-Cancer Center Administrators Forum, March 2013

Platform for Personalized Oncology: Integrative analyses reveal novel molecular signatures associated with colorectal cancer relapse-American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Washington, DC, March 19, 2013          

Identification of miRNA targets in axillary breast cancer metastases- American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, Washington DC,  April 10, 2013                              

Phospho-dependent regulation of ERRγ expression, transcriptional activity, and Tamoxifen resistance in ER+ breast cancer-AACR annual meeting:

, Washington DC, April 10, 2013

microRNA Profiling of Breast Ductal Lavage Fluid- AACR Annual Meeting, Washington DC, April 10, 2013

Platform for Personalized Oncology: Novel Approaches for Data Integration Reveal Molecular Signatures Associated with Colorectal Cancer Relapse- World Biotechnology Congress 

, Boston, MA, June 3-6, 2013     

Correlating Imaging Phenotypes with Genomic Signatures- National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Imaging Program Workshop, Bethesda, MD, June 3-6, 2013

Georgetown CERSI’s Innovative Analytics Platform- CERSI and the FDA CDER Computational Science Center, Silver Spring, MD, July 10, 2013  

“Seeing” is Believing: Understanding Protein-Ligand Interactions in Cancer Drug Discovery – Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Systems Biology Seminar, July 11, 2013

How Cloud Computing is Fundamentally Changing the Way We Think About Data Science -Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit, Washington, DC, Sept 10, 2013      

An integrated pharmacogenomic analysis of doxorubicin response using genotype information -ACM BCB (Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Biomedical Informatics) Conference 2013: , Bethesda, MD, Sept. 22, 2013.                  

Invited chair and panelist for “Informatics for Molecular Diagnosis. Genomics, Proteomics, Pathways, Biomarker Informatics, NGS, and Data Sharing” – Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC) Meeting, Napa Valley, CA, Nov 11, 2013 

The Future of Precision Medicine -Doctor’s Speak Out at Georgetown: This One’s for You , Dec 3, 2013