Kanchi Krishnamurthy, MS

Sr. Clinical Database Lead


Mrs. Kanchi Krishnamurthy is an accomplished Clinical Database Programmer with many years of experience in bioinformatics. She holds her master’s degree in Computer Application from Madurai Kamaraj University in India.  Kanchi is an Oracle Certified Forms Developer (OCP) and is responsible for maintaining the clinical database and managing the interface with data managers at Georgetown University’s Clinical Research Management Office (CRMO).

She has worked on NCI/caBIG efforts such as C3D, providing database development, study design, report creation as well as quality assurance and testing. She is also engaged in coordinating data release from several medical database warehouses/systems to principal investigators for cohort discovery. Kanchi enjoys the challenges that come from working with complex clinical study designs and applies cutting edge technologies to meet those challenges.

Projects Supported:

Clinical Research Management Office